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Information concerning goat care, goat health and illnesses, goat videos, news about Texas goats, goat names, and current goat market reports.

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A massive collection of goat information and resources addressing every possible aspect of raising goats, goat care, goat illnesses and diseases, breeding and kidding, feeding goats, goat fencing and shelter, goat breeds and genetics, and much more.

Videos on goat care, how to raise goats, funny goat videos, videos on showing goats, and of course...baby goat videos!

Online database of goat information including goat health and illnesses, general care of goats, goat breeding, kidding, feeding, Boer goats and more. A library of goat information at your fingertips.

Everthing you need to know about your goats before you make that phone call to the veterinarian. This information may just save you a trip and a vet bill.

A hefty collection of goat words, terms, and definitions. A quick and easy way to bring yourself up to speed on caprine terms and their meaning.

Are you feeding the best feed or hay for your money. Check out this nutritional chart for the answer. You may be better off feeding a higher quality hay or feed to your goats.

Boer goats are notorious for nibbling on everything growing in the pasture. Use this searchable database to find out about plants poisonous to goats.

Parasite wormer medications, their brand names, dosage, and limtations for use.

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Today's goat news, Texas goats, breaking headline news, today in history, today's birthdays, quotes, and interesting trivia .

Find out what Boer goats and other meat goats brought at markets and auctions from all over the United States. Information updated weekly and furnished by the USDA.

A comprehensive listing of livestock auctions throughout Texas including sale days and contact information.

Perhaps the hardest chore for goat producers and enthusiasts is choosing the perfect name for their prize goats. Here comes help!

Chevon, cabrito, guisado, and more recipes. Goat meat is a healthy, low fat alternative to beef, pork, and even chicken.

Fact: More goats are injured and killed by dogs than all other predators combined. Texas Has No Laws Governing Dog Attacks Against Other Animals. Together we can do something about this!

Take advantage of our free pedigree generator for your goats bloodline. This goat tool creates a chart that you can publish to the web.

Searching for information on goats? Visit our search page and search this website or the entire Internet. If you can't find your answer on this page, then there must be no answer!

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