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Information concerning goat care, goat health and illnesses, goat videos, news about Texas goats, goat names, goats for sale, and current goat market reports.

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A massive collection of goat information and resources addressing every possible aspect of raising goats, goat care, goat illnesses and diseases, breeding and kidding, feeding goats, goat fencing and shelter, goat breeds and genetics, and much more.   Texas Goat is proud to provide this enormous database of goat knowledge to goat producers, breeders, and enthusiasts throughout Texas, the United States, and across the planet.
Texas Goat Handbook
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Texas Goat Today

Catch trending goat news from all over the world, stories of interest, and the latest blog post from the creator of the Texas Goat site.

Texas Goat ~ The #1 source of goat information on the internet!

Texas Goat ~ The #1 source of goat information since 2005!


Goat Names - Names for Goats

Perhaps the hardest chore for goat producers and enthusiasts is choosing the perfect name for their prize goats. Here comes help!  Thousands of goat names to choose from!

A library of goat information

A comprehensive collection of goat information on PDF.  The goat library currently has 52 sources of information on goat health, illnesses and general goat care.

The Goat Dictionary

A glossary of goat terms and definitions regarding goat illnesses, goat reproduction, goat feeding, goat care, and other aspects involving goats and goat production.

Goat jokes

Visit Texas Goat's little brother, The Rusty Goat and catch today's goat joke, Texas jokes, trending stories in music, entertainment, and breaking news stories.

Goat Market Report

Searching for goats for sale?  Wanting to sell your goats?  See the current goat market prices for Texas as well as other states.  Information provided by the USDA.

Listings for Texas Livestock Auctions

A listing of Texas livestock auctions, location and contact information, and sale days.  The best place to find a goat for sale or sell you goats is at a livestock auction near you.

Texas Pecan Trees - pecan tree care

Have a few pecan trees on your property? Check out our other website, Texas Pecan...everything you need to know about growing pecan trees in Texas. 


Texas Goat

Information concerning goat care, goat health and illnesses, goat videos, news about Texas goats, goat names, and current goat market reports.

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