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A growing collection of goat information and resources addressing every possible aspect of raising goats, goat care, goat illnesses and diseases, breeding and kidding, feeding goats, goat fencing and shelter, goat breeds and genetics, and much more.   Texas Goat is proud to provide this enormous database of goat knowledge to goat producers, breeders, and enthusiasts throughout Texas, the United States, and across the planet.


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Pygora goat breed

Pygora Goat Breed Overview

Winner of the most originally named goat breed goes to… drum roll… the Pygora goat… a mix of the Pygmy goat and the Angora goat breed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen,…
goat age

How long do goats live?

There are a lot of different breeds of goat out there and life expectancy varies depending on the breed, although in general, domesticated goats live between 10 and 15 years…
savanna goat

Goat Anatomy

As a goat owner, there are a variety of reasons to learn about the anatomy of your chosen herd, depending on your reasons for raising them in the first place…

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goat horns

Goat Horns

Goats are mammals you’ve probably encountered more times than you can count. You can study so many features and attributes about these incredible mammals, but our focus will be one…
Goat treats

Goat treats

Goat treats can come in many different forms and can be given for a wide range of uses. From a way to give your goats enjoyment, to am expression of…

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