Calling The Vet

03 July, 2016rodster385Comments (0)


If you have a local vet that will cooperate with you over the phone, it may be possible to avoid a veterinary bill, if your goat doc is willing to give his advice or opinion without actually seeing the goat. At the very least, he may offer to prescribe medication (which may mean a trip to his office, but will alleviate the actual chore of either loading a sick goat in a trailer or having the vet make a house call,) Have the following knowledge of the situation before calling a vet ;
Rectal Temperature of goat ....Normal is between 101º and 103.5º F
Is the goat ruminating? (Chewing Cud)
Check the mouth, is it warm and wet or cold and dry?
Is the goat having normal bowel and bladder function?
Is the goat eating and drinking?
Exactly what feed has the goat been in contact with in the last 48 hours?
How long has the goat been ill?
What age is the goat?
Is your goat a Doe, Buck or Wether?
If a Doe, is she bred?
What is her Due date?
If she has recently kidded, when and how many kids did she have?
Is the goat up and standing/walking or is the animal DOWN?
If the goat is Down, when did it go down?
What vaccines has the goat had and when?
What dewormer has been used , how much and when?
What other medications has been administered to the goat, how much and when?
Is the goat head pressing? (standing with its head against a wall or fence)
Is the goat grinding it' teeth?
Is the goat stargazing? (Looking aimlessly into the sky)
Is the goat paralyzed? If so, where? (legs, face, etc)