Signs that Kidding is Near

18 September, 2015rodster385Comments (0)

Several changes in the body shape and udder usually take place as the time of kidding approaches, although the degree and order may vary for goat to goat.

These are the most common changes:


The udder will start to grow and eventually fill with milk (don't milk her before kidding unless it becomes very tight indeed, but if it becomes necessary only take enough to ease the udder).

The goat's shape may alter, the weight shifting downwards and leaving her slightly hollow flanked.

The part of the backbone near the tail appears to have risen, becoming slack either side (called "ridging up").

The vulva becomes increasingly puffy; eventually there will be a colourless discharge from it.

She may start "talking" to her unborn kids or making unusual noises.

She will become increasingly restless, pawing at her bed and making hollows, repeatedly lying down and then getting up again.