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How long do goats live?

There are a lot of different breeds of goat out there and life expectancy varies depending on the breed, although in general, domesticated goats live between 10 and 15 years on average. There are various factors, apart from the breed, which can affect the lifespan… Read More »How long do goats live?

savanna goat characterstics

Goat Anatomy

As a goat owner, there are a variety of reasons to learn about the anatomy of your chosen herd, depending on your reasons for raising them in the first place (breeding, dairy, wool production, etc.). Whatever your reason for keeping them, understanding goat anatomy is… Read More »Goat Anatomy

goat dying

Goat Dying Symptoms

Why find out more? If you’re a novice at raising goats, or feel a bit green, this article will help you to identify what a healthy goat looks like and signs to look out for if your animal is feeling unwell. It will suggest some… Read More »Goat Dying Symptoms

Goat Teeth

Is it possible to know the age of a goat if you have no record? Do goats have upper teeth? If not, how do they eat without them? Well, these are some of the most common questions that people have about goats. Below you will… Read More »Goat Teeth

goat dandruff

Dandruff In Goats

Etiology In goats, dandruff on the back may indicate a fat deficiency in the diet. Symptoms Dandruff technically means the accumulation of scaly cells from the horny layer of the skin. It looks the same on goats as it does on people. Usually, it refers… Read More »Dandruff In Goats

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Dehorning Mature Goats

We don’t recommend this procedure for any mature goat. One of our colleagues had such an operation performed after her daughter lost her temper with a doe that was following her, slapped the animal and (entirely by her own fault) impaled her hand on one… Read More »Dehorning Mature Goats