Goat tips

Goat treats

Goat treats can come in many different forms and can be given for a wide range of uses. From a way to give your goats enjoyment, to am expression of love, to a fun way to dispose of choice kitchen scraps, to training tools to… Read More »Goat treats

Goat Teeth

Is it possible to know the age of a goat if you have no record? Do goats have upper teeth? If not, how do they eat without them? Well, these are some of the most common questions that people have about goats. Below you will… Read More »Goat Teeth

goat horns

Goat Horns

Goats are mammals you’ve probably encountered more times than you can count. You can study so many features and attributes about these incredible mammals, but our focus will be one prominent feature – their horns. A goat and its horn are like a package deal;… Read More »Goat Horns

goat names

Goat Names

I do believe one of the biggest challenges I face every spring is picking goat names for all those baby goats. It seems almost silly for a grown man to spend so much of his time and brainpower trying to pick just the right name… Read More »Goat Names