Texas Goat Handbook


A massive collection of goat information and resources addressing every possible aspect of raising goats, goat care, goat illnesses and diseases, breeding and kidding, feeding goats, goat fencing and shelter, goat breeds and genetics, and much more. Texas Goat is proud to provide this enormous database of goat knowledge to goat producers, breeders, and enthusiasts throughout Texas, the United States, and across the planet.

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About the Texas Goat Handbook
We have been actively and aggressively involved in various aspects of goat production for thirty years. This gigantic collection of goat information began as our own private reference library, each article gathered from across the Internet in our search for answers to our questions about goat care, goat illnesses, diseases, and health issues, breeding and kidding, fencing and shelter. Our search for goat information has provided us with an enormous database of knowledge, knowledge we feel compelled to share in an effort to improve the over-all effectiveness and profitability of goat production. We invite and encourage you to come back often and take advantage of this information. It's yours for the taking!